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  About Us

Sky Bag was established in 2009 as a small operation working out with young, dynamic and dedicated leadership, Sky Bag is a courier company dedicated to providing the best possible delivery services and we're proud to have established a reputation for honest, reliable and excellent service with a keen focus on security and cost effectiveness, Sky Bag offers extensive Deliveries across Egypt. We Provide services throughout the world effectively and on time, comprehensive courier services also provide includes Distribution Center for mass delivery, cash collection and in addition to banking services.


         Delivering for all types of business

We work with all sizes of business, from small and medium-sized company's right up to major blue chip corporations. Our clients cover all types of industry and Commerce sectors including: banking, telecommunications,  motor,  medical,  pharmaceutical,  financial,  we  provide  a  cost-effective  and reliable back-up service.

We have the systems, experience and couriers to handle everything from a simple daily local courier delivery to the most demanding, multi-drop contracts. We guarantee that no matter what size your business or what industry it's in, we have the solution to all your transport and logistics issues.

We operate both time-critical same-day deliveries and express next-day deliveries across the Egypt.



When we have already entered the 21st century, we may not afford to listen words like Sorry, Misrouting, Confusion, late deliveries, Loss of Packets, No-response, and No Feedback etc. from any Courier Company. As a disciple of our parent organization, we are committed to render "A" class services to all our patronage.  We have tried  to make all arrangements to overcome all these mis- happening and feel pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading couriers in this courier world, Our Main Object is to be a Dedicated, Reliable and Economical Courier Service.

The vision of the company is to become the most admired Courier Company in the industry through innovation, professionalism, commitment and teamwork by delivering superior values and advantage to our Customers, Franchisees, Employees and Society at large.

Company is taking the mission to become the leader in the Courier Industry in Egypt by 2020 with high global visibility by providing 100% delight to our customers, exploring the talent of our employees with opportunities for growth and wholehearted cooperation of our franchisees


  Our Services



Courier service covers all Egypt. We are specialized in Pick up from door to door Delivery important documents and small parcels locally for individuals and different kind of businesses same-day deliveries and express next-day




         Distribution Center


We   offer   this   service   to   large   organizations   and institutions that have an increasing number of correspondences between its branches that are spread geographically which requires a large network of runners that covers every part of Egypt.


Our selected fleet of messengers equipped with scooters and hand-held computers to increase efficiency and automate the delivery process using our database that addresses accurately, to easily reach the customer, to carry out such tasks with assure best of results.


Use computers their handheld to store delivery status, capture the customers signature electronically and issue receipts and proof of delivery on the spot.



         Bank service


We provide this service with special high quality control Egypt through specially trained staff, personal delivery such as credit card, pin code, checks, in and checks from the banks and their branches in order to provide to banks, as well as other relevant documents for the settlement of the banks and branches of documents required for settlement in 24 hour, provide service internal courier between branches in same time with a special team of customer service follow-up banking services


         Cash collection service


When it comes to cash services we have the expertise and technical capabilities that allow us to offer an extensive range of services that can be combined to deliver end-to- end solutions for the management of your cash and valuables, in addition to cash collections and deliveries we can also provide:


Delivery and money collection at the same time and at a cost of one,


Collection of the monthly bills


Cash processing counting of cash with transfer of value to your nominated bank account


         Call center Services


Sky Bag fully equipped call center, empowered by a team of well-trained and dedicated customer service representatives, allows customers to have round-the-clock access to the service provider and get and instant feedback to their inquiries.


To help our clients better serve their customer, we deliver a  daily  report  including  all  the  received  data  with statistics.

To Improve the Customer data through obtaining full account   information   (address,   telephone,   e-mail   and others


-Telemarketing and direct response advertising.

-           Customer satisfaction surveys.

-           Marketing research surveys.


Sky Bag call center can easily and seamlessly integrate into your organization to offer you all the benefits of an in-house call center, and exceed the expectations of your customers.



         Printing and Enveloping


Sky  Bag  uses  the  Digital  printing  technology  to  bring  its  clients  cost-effective  Full  Color  and

Highlight Color options to increase customer comprehension and response rates.


Sky Bag offers the luxury of personalization and customization of documents within every print based on the criteria implemented in the database.


Sky Bag can compose and manipulate print files using powerful document manipulation tools and customized software to meet the client's needs

Also, our printing equipments are environmentally friendly, because we care about our people. Enveloping is one of our specialties. Our inserter teams are able to efficiently process and sort high volume mails

 Security, Personalization and Speed ensured Wrapped up & ready to go





  Service's Features


           Service Inquiry


Customers can inquire on any item sent through our track & trace system or by contacting our Customer Service Department. All inquiries are handled promptly and efficiently.



         Delivery Advance Notice


This service provides confirmation that letters or parcels have been delivered to the intended .by SMS and E-mail. Also the addressee signs a 'confirmation of receipt' slip which will be available to the sender.

Guarantee of delivery or, in the case of non-delivery, the safe return of the item sent.



         Cash collection Service Features


Less safety risk for you, staff and premises, Secure storage, counting, transportation and protection Reliable service from a trusted business

Your cash is insured while in our possession

Change can be delivered when we pick up your cash



         SKY BAG added services:


Priority: Delivering at a specified time and date.

Return service: Sending you the acknowledgment of your shipments  Same day 

service: Pup and delivery same day within intra city  Speedy: Internal a city delivery within three hours.

Cash on delivery: Collection of courier charges from the receiver. Freight on  

value: Collection of freight charges from the receiver  Packaging: Providing standard packaging material if you desire

Insurance: Can insure your shipment at nominal cost




         SKY BAG Branches:


Head office. 

DownTown Branch (distribution center) .

Alex Branch.

Ismailia branch.

Delta Tanta branch.

Hurghada branch.

Assuit branch.

         Operation power:


22 Vehicles . 

60 Vespa . 

230 Ground Courier, Runners.

21 Messengers.



We coverage all Egypt within 24 hour.


We are constantly seeking new ways to optimize our services, it's a continuous challenge to provide our customers with a faster, better effective service.


         Business volume ( capacity) :


We can deliver 10000 shipments  per day for main cities and 4000 shipments per day for rest of Egypt.


         Soft Ware:


We provide sky bag software to facilitation follow-up and printing waybill, tracking shipments , extracting reports ,etc. ................................ ,




Sky Bag has become an important, reliable and indispensable courier service for many banks, international companies Such as our customer list.



  Joint measures


If you are interested in our service the meeting will be held to discuss joint measures and added the terms of the contract before the implementation of the service.


If you are interested in our service and would like to discuss your requirements in confidence and with no commitment then please contact us


We look forward to hearing from you to find out more about our services and we would really value your feedback on our service


Please select an appropriate date yourselves to discuss your requirements.


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